How long will it take ECC to provide a signed LAN application?

How long will it take ECC to provide a signed LAN application?

Timeline – additional information Day 1 draft to ECC (via
The 28 Local Authority advanced notice period starts as soon as ECC receive the registration document, not the day it was sent. The operator should complete the first page of the LAN detailing the service numbers, etc. This will reduce the chances of transcription errors. ECC will complete the second page . Includes full timetable and route information, in order for ECC to make an assessment and return a Local Authority Notification (LAN). If ECC do not receive all required information, it will return the document to the operator before signing off a LAN. If the change involves removal, or part removal, of a journey or service, or significant route changes, please include passenger data information. Note - at this point, ECC may ask for the cost of reinstatement of such journeys.

ECC return LAN to Operator
Under new legislation, ECC have 28 days to complete. However ECC aim for 21 days, in order for the Operator to have a full 7 day period to ensure timely submission to the Traffic Commissioner (TC).

Operator submits registration to TC
TC receive a registration with accompanying LAN. ECC will process the copy they received from Day 1. IMPORTANT – if the operator decides that any further changes to the proposed timetable are needed after the LAN has been returned to them, but before final submission to the Traffic Commissioner, then ECC will consider this to be a wholly new registration and the operator will need to resubmit to ECC for a fresh LAN. This will trigger a new 28 day notice period.

42 Day Public Notice
ECC will process in accordance with its statutory duties. Including, but not limited to: Requesting quotes for services Consulting on network changes Issuing tenders Adding this to the Essex data set (for purposes of journey planning, roadside information, newsletters etc.).

Start Date
Service now live and operating.